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Video Surveillance

For additional security protection, Safe Home Security recommends video surveillance. Video surveillance can effectively enhance the safety of individuals and guards against loss, false claims, vandalism and other criminal activity.

Security cameras, strategically located around your home or business create both a visual deterrent and provide vital video evidence to prosecute criminal activity. All activity is recorded and stored on a DVR and may be retrieved as much as three weeks later!

Sample Camera Views:

Keypad Keypad

Security Camera Styles Explained:

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras

Video Camera

Properly positioned, usually under a soffit, on a corner of your home, a PTZ is able to rotate and survey 270 degrees!

With internet capability, you are able to look around your property from anywhere in the world - zoom in (up to 12 times) and zoom out - and whenever you stop, your camera automatically resumes a preprogrammed "tour" to keep guarding your property.

PTZ can actually take the place of three cameras and costs about the same! During pitch-black nights the infrared distinguishes 100 feet and beyond.

Another effective camera type is a motorized 2.8-12mm variable focus unit that can be aimed exactly where you want and can zoom in on licence plates and facial features.

Bullet Security Cameras

Video Camera

Shaped like a bullet or barrel, the mounting bracket style typically used on a bullet camera allows for the most flexibility in aiming the camera. The sun shield on most bullet cameras will help keep the sun from directly hitting the lens on sun-lit walls and also shields them from direct snow and rain.

Dome Security Cameras

Point Tilt Zoom Camera

Dome cameras are great for indoor and outdoor applications and tend to be less obtrusive and more vandal resistant as they are not easily moved or dislodged. Great multi-purpose security cameras.

Box Security Cameras

Used for indoor applications and in outdoor camera enclosures. They feature interchangeable lenses allowing the installer to pick a very specific lens or varifocal lens to meet the application.

Dummy Cameras / Fake Cameras

Fake cameras are great for augmenting a working camera system and also can be used where it is not possible to run wiring for a real security camera or if the budget for a working system is not available. Current fake cameras look very much like real cameras so they're great for scaring off intruders.

Safe Home Security will install whatever technology best suits your requirements and budget.

With video surveillance, your property is under a "watchful eye" 24 hours a day!

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